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Aquaman – Statue 1:2 Scale (Queen Studios) – IN STOCK

The Aquaman 1:2 silicone statue captures Auqaman, the aquatic king as we see him on the big screen. In 2018, we saw Arthur Curry go from the humble son of a lighthouse keeper, to the King of the Seven Seas. Jason Momoa’s incredible performance not only made curry cool again, but also set a new box office record for DC in the process.

The head sculpt for our Atlantean hero has been the biggest challenge for Queen Studios’ artists. Momoa has a unique look, and it took us countless attempts to match his likeness in the right scale. The 1:2 Aquaman is painstakingly hand sculpted, before we add top grade silicone to give the look and feel of real skin. Each hair is also carefully implanted and groomed to almost perfection.

Inspired by the waterfall scene in the Hidden Sea, our hero emerges as Aquaman, the one true King. He stands on top of a shimmering water-look surface, wearing his new gold and green armour clutching the Trident of Poseidon. Each detail is movie accurate, and our artists have worked hard to capture the shine from the metallic armour as it glistens in the light.

  • Queen Studios 1:2 Aquaman Statue by Queen Studios 
  • Licensed by DC China
  • Silicone, Polystone, Artificial Hair, Glass Eyes
  • Size: 49.1 cm (L), 57 cm (W), 98.8 cm (H)
  • Trident Size: 116.8 cm 
  • Edition Size: 666 (sold out)
  • Estimated Delivery Date: Fourth Quarter of 2020 (sold out)


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