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Flower, Neco

Step into a dystopian future, where emotions are shrouded by masks and hoods, and flowers bloom in botanic capsules. This extraordinary figure brings to life the original artwork of the popular illustrator, neco.

The gaze that emerges between her visor and mask is sheik and stylish, replicating neco’s artistry in high-quality detail.

Her ash-gray hair color complements her luminous skin, and no effort was spared in the post-futuristic color scheme. Furthermore, an unmasked face part that reveals her natural expression, capturing the nuances of her emotions is also included.

The costume is a masterpiece of intricate detailing. From the waterproof fabric to the cords and belts running throughout, every element has been crafted with artistic precision. The ankle boots, designed with flair, evoke a sense of purpose, each detail having its own unique story to tell.

The organic form and serene color palette of the namesake flowers adorning her back have been carefully crafted, creating an ambiance that seamlessly blends with the inorganic capsule, stimulating your imagination of a future that may not be so distant.

Additionally, our Prime 1 Studio online store exclusive bonus version includes an acrylic block featuring neco’s original artwork. This item is a must-have, allowing you to immerse yourself directly in the colors, tones, and designs birthed by neco.

Perched on a striking monument labeled 11B, this mysterious girl and her blooming flowers create a stunningly imaginative piece, brimming with neco’s delicate touch. And now it can grace your collection as a scale figure!

  • H:28cm W:12cm D:14cm
  • PVC/ABS and other materials
  • Flower Imitation.
  • Part of the Prisma Wing lineup
  • Flower-themed base
  • Two (2) Swappable face parts (Masked and Unmasked)
  • Acrylic block featuring artwork by neco [BONUS ITEM]


Available on: 2024-09-01 at 00:00
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