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Princess Perona is presented here as her appearance from the beloved anime and manga pre-timeskip. The terracing scene is made up of the dreadful architecture and Perona’s iconic dolls and although the gravestones and plants are painted in an eerie style, the squirrels make the whole scene lively and interesting and daresay… cute?

Perona is surrounded by four larger ghosts and two smaller ones, each with a different expression. The ghost fruit is made of glow-in-the-dark material so that viewers may feel their affection and personality even in the darkest of nights. Perona is seated in the middle and upper part of the statue, with her eyes wide open and her tongue sticking out.

Wearing a lovely ponytail, holding a classic pink umbrella in her left hand and her favorite Kumasi in her right hand, Perona a 23 year-old woman who possesses the tastes and acclimations of a girl much younger, and it shows in her choice of clothing on this statue!

Studio Name: JiMei Palace
Item Name: Perona
Item Material: Resin
Series: One Piece
Est. Product Size: 41cm ( L ) x 36cm ( D ) x 49cm( H )
Expected Released Date: Q2 2022 (sold out)
Est. Arrival Date: Q3 2022 (sold out)
Limited Edition: 899 pcs (sold out)

The One Piece Perona 1:6 scale statue by JiMei Palace is concidered a grail amongs fans and collectors of Once Piece. Highendcollector have 1x brand new piece of this statue in stock.

Add it to your One Piece collection today!


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