T-Rex Head (1,3 m) – Museum Quality (Real size fossil replica) IN STOCK

This is a museum quality life size fossil replica of a big T-Rex head. The dinosaur fossil replicas we sell are the exact same that are on display in museums all over the world.

T-Rex was one of the biggest predator to walk the Earth and maybe the most popular dinosaur today. This head is extremely realistic and of the highest quality available. If you like dinosaurs (who doesnt) and are a T-Rex fan this is the ultimate product to display in your home.

The T-Rex head is hand made by fiberglass with a strong metal frame inside. The fossil replica is hand painted to make it look as realistic as possible. This is a very strong and durable product that can be display both inside and outside (in the garden for example). The material and colors are strong will last in both weather, water and sun.

  • Size: About 1,3 m long (Scale 1:1)
  • Weight: About 50 kg
  • Metal stand for display included

Standard color as on the pictures. Can be painted in ligher or darker colors if needed. Can also be painted in gold, silver or other custom colors. Please contact us if you wish a different color (no extra cost).

The T-Rex head that we have in stock right now can not be customized!


Original price was: €5999,00.Current price is: €3999,00.

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