Torvosaurus (12 m) – Museum Quality (Real size fossil replica)

Torvosaurus is a genus of large megalosaurine theropod dinosaur that lived approximately 165 to 148 million years ago during the Callovian to Tithonian ages of the late Middle and Late Jurassic period in what is now Colorado, Portugal, Germany, and possibly England, Spain, Tanzania, and Uruguay. It contains two currently recognized species, Torvosaurus tanneri and Torvosaurus gurneyi, plus a third unnamed species from Germany.[1]

In 1979, the type species Torvosaurus tanneri was named. It is a large, heavily built, bipedal carnivore that could grow to a length of about 9 meters (30 ft) and weigh approximately 2 metric tons (2.2 short tons). T. tanneri was among the largest terrestrial carnivores of its time, alongside Epanterias and Saurophaganax (which could both be synonymous with Allosaurus). Specimens of Torvosaurus gurneyi were measured up to 10–11 meters (33–36 ft) in length and 4–5 metric tons (4.4–5.5 short tons) in body mass,[2][3] suggesting that it was much larger than T. tanneri and was the largest terrestrial carnivore in Europe during the late Jurassic. Based on bone morphology, Torvosaurus is thought to have had very powerful short arms.

  • Size: About 12 m long, 2,3 m wide, 4 m high
  • Scale 1:1
  • Weight: About 570 kg
  • Metal stand for display included
  • Material: 100% high quality fiberglass, metal frames on the inside for high durability. ECO-friendly painting
  • Features: Weatherproof and thermostability

Standard color as on the pictures. Can be painted in ligher or darker colors if needed. Can also be painted in gold, silver or other custom colors. Please contact us if you wish a different color (no extra cost).

Original price was: €12999,00.Current price is: €10999,00.

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