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Violet Evergarden Realistic Silicone 1:1 Replica Cosplay Model Doll (Game Lady)

Game Lady is a world renowned brand and manufacturer of ultra realistic silicone dolls. All of their dolls have looks and style inspired by famous characters from games or movies. A Game Lady Doll is the perfect 1:1 replica model and will fit good in any collection. These are extremely realistic silicone model dolls that can be displayed in different positions and scenarios.

The outfit on the picture is included with the doll! (Original price is 200-350 usd)

Violet is a hyper-realistic silicone doll from Game Lady made entirely of silicone. Violet is inspired by the character Violet Evergarden from the anime TV series of the same name.

Violet is a newcomer to the CH Postal Company, and works as an Auto Memory Doll—a ghostwriter for people who cannot write or are looking for help expressing their emotions in letters.As an abandoned and nameless child, Violet was found by navy officer Dietfried Bougainvillea on an island where he and several members of his crew were forced to land after a naval engagement. Her combat prowess was discovered when she killed several soldiers who attempted to molest her before he could stop them.



Length: 156cm 
Weight: 30kg

Upper Bust: 76.5cm

Under Bust: 56cm 

Breast cup: D

Waist: 50cm

Hip: 87.5cm

Shoulder Width: 34.5cm

Arm Length: 64cm

Hand Length: 16cm

Leg length: 82cm

Foot Length: 21cm


Original price was: €4149,00.Current price is: €2879,00.

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